General Computer Repair, Services, etc.: Optimization, Infection removal, part replacement, setup & hardware/software installation.

Computer Recovery: On computers where the Operating System has failed the computer must be recovered to factory settings. This includes the OS installation, retrieval and installation of all software drivers for installed components and all required System and hardware updates. It does not include installation of applications & programs or data recovery. Customer is responsible for all software Product & Activation keys.

To avoid the following - Backup your data often . PC Direct can recommend some options to you.

Data backup: $60 is our minimum fee ($99.00 max) for data backup. Cost applies to data returned to computer, external or optional hard-drive. If data is copied to DVD's, Flash-drives or external hard drives, additional charges will apply.

Data Backup simply copies data from the hard drive to another source and stores it for later use. This is used for securing data before restoring or replacing hard drives. This can only be done on drives which can still be read using the operating system. If data needs to be saved to storage location other then the original computer, additional charges may apply. Data can be returned to you on CD, DVD or External HDD for your convenience.

To avoid the following - Backup your data often . PC Direct can recommend some services to you if your hard drive fails completely and cannot be recovered by us..

Data Recovery: Initial charge of $199 and a maximum of $299 if returned to original computer, external or optional hard -drive.

Hard-drive Recovery is utilized when Windows can no longer access the hard-drive but the drive can still be recognized by the computer. This may happen when the drive or the Operating System (i.e. Windows) has become damaged or corrupted. This form of recovery is more expensive then simply retrieving the data from the drive because it requires special software and attention.

hard-drive Recovery See schedule for pricing

This form of recovery is used on hard-drives that can not be recognized by the computer, drive was dropped, is clicking, is beeping, is not recognized by system or accidental reformat of drive. The services are referred to a data recovery center.

Onsite charges:

Basic setup and installation of SW & HW are billed at $99 per hour, diagnostic and trouble-shooting services are billed at $99 per hour. A travel charge may be applied if travel distance exceeds a 10 mile radius. Onsite service should not be used for extensive diagnostics as the cost can become very expensive.






Hardware upgrades: Simply put, it is any service which adds hardware to an already working computer. It is not considered a repair but an improvement .

Software installation: Installation of any program or application. However we do not due custom configurations of any software. Additionally all software is supported by the manufacturer. Customer must provide software and activation information.

Laptop Repair: Laptops are just small computers and experience similar failures as PC's. Most minor repairs follow our same rate schedule.

Minor repairs include drives, memory, keyboards, etc.- things that can easily be removed and replaced.

Major repairs include main system boards, display panels and repairs made to these components. These items are costly & time consuming to replace. In many cases they are more costly then the machine is worth. For such cases we will contact you immediately before repairs are performed.

*** $85 Deposit may be required for laptop repairs requiring special order parts. Major repairs are those that can not be resolved by simply replacing an off-the-shelf item such as a hard drive, cd drive, etc.; a part which is common to most computers. Minor repairs follow our basic charges scheme for computer repair. All "MAJOR" laptop repairs (offered) are flat rate repairs. Please feel free to call for estimated repair pricing.

Same day and next day repairs are parts pending. If we do not have or can not get the part due to availability we cannot not guarantee the repair time. Same day and next day repairs are not available for printers: some exceptions may apply. All same day requests must be at facility by the start of business. Rates double for same day repair and 50% for next day requests.

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Product Recycling:

ONLY Computers and Laptops are being accepted. No Printers, No Displays at all

PC Direct does not except any item for donation nor do we seek potential end users that can "use" the equipment. All item given to us become our property. If you have working equipment and want to donate it we suggest using sites like or Craig's list "" to connect with someone who may benefit from your kindness. All items that come to us are received for recycling only. Thank you.

As for the process of recycling, all items are recycled based on one or more of the following options:

1) disassembled into core components: electronics, metals and plastics, each is then sent to the associated reclaiming center,

2) resold as scrap or

3) resold for parts reclamation.

No hard drives are re-circulated. ALL Hard drives are dismantled and shredded for security by PC Direct.


  1. You can drop-off your items at no cost to you at our service center anytime during normal business hours.
  2. We do not except Monitors, Tv's, Printers for dropoffs. NO APPLIANCES!!
  3. If you have a large quantity or cannot move the items, call us. We will come to you. Depending on distance there may be additional costs. Minimum charge for pickup is $50, additional charges for monitors and printers as these are not normally accepted and we are required to pay a fee to dispose of them.


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