We can digitize VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM, Albums and Audio cassettes

Video Cassettes - $24.00 per DVD*
Cassette / LP to CD - $15.00*
Slides / Negatives
Duplicates - $10.00 per DVD
Duplicates - $5.00 per CD

$0.25 per slide / frame

Straight transfer with necessary gap removal & error correction, Title Menu
Straight transfer with minimal editing and error correction.
*Includes flash drive (add'l charge), DVD, Jewel Case, White insert and label

*Includes flash drive (additional charge) that contains all digital video files. $24 per completed DVD (Master set). Duplicates are $10 per DVD. Note: If 1 Tape yields 2 DVD's, each DVD is $24.

*Includes Jewel Case, White insert and Label with titles, Album artwork, USB drive

Digital Slideshow $25.00

Lets face it. You recorded your childs first steps or you have your grandparents wedding tape and you can no longer watch it because your camera doesn't work or you do not have a VCR? So what do you do? Digitize them. Preserve your Video Memories by transfering them to a digital format. Then you can watch them on you computer, DVD Player and share them with friends and family.

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We can convert the following formats to Digital, DVD or CD formats

VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM & 35 MM slides; Albums & Audio cassettes.

Basic Editing and tape repair available*. We do not do advanced editing to enhance or alter the Video or Audio. A Professional editing service can be recommended once the transfer is complete.

*Additional charges can apply for editing or repair of tapes.