No appointments necessary, Most repairs are 1-2 business days, minimum 30 day guarrantee on all work performed

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Optimize / Infection removal New computer setup Diagnoses Install OS Service & Repairs Data Backup or Recovery
$98.00** $49.00* Min/Max: $49.00/$69.00* $168.00 $49.00 per hour plus parts* $60.00 - $299.00*
-Remove infections -Initialize computer Evaluate for cause of errors and provide resolution. -Install Windows or MAC OS- any version -Hardware repair / replace Data backup and restore to your computer or external device
-Install current updates -configure email Examples include Initialization / boot, Internet & Blue Screen errors, etc. -Install all currently available updates -Hardware or Software reconfiguration (some exceptions apply) Data transfer or Backup: $60 upto 100 GB; $99 for 101 GB +
-remove unnecessary settings & Programs -setup user accounts   -Install all hardware device control drivers -Hardware and Software updates / upgrades Data Recovery - faulty harddrive: $170 min; $299 max
-optimize files and folders -Manage startup settings   -Optimize as needed -Transfer of hardware from one unit to another Data Recovery: Level 1 & 2 - Recover data from a failing or failed hard drive. Click for details
-disable unnecessary automatic startup items -document all user account information * 50% discount on diagnostic charges if unit is repaired Install free, Basic security software. *Exceptions apply and will be discussed at time of service as some services are a flat fee and some are refered to an outside vendor. *Recovery Media is an additional charge for data not returned to original computer or device.
-disable unecessary startup features Additional charges could apply for additional services        
-Provide security SW as needed          
**Some ad & spy-ware infections cannot be removed entirely. Additional services may be required.          


We fix computer problems - Period. That's what we do. Since 1995

Focusing on: Computer & Laptop diagnostics, service / repair, infection removal, and optimization.

Additional Services include: Corporate networking, Recycling, Data Backup and Data Recovery